Frequently asked questions

What is Coomera East Shopping Centre?

Coomera East Shopping Centre is a neighbourhood retail precinct located on the corner of Foxwell and Oakey Creek Road, including a Woolworths supermarket and a mix of specialty stores including cafes, restaurants, a pharmacy, bottle shop and much more.


Why is the developer seeking to increase the size of the Woolworths supermarket?

Coomera’s population is expected to increase by more than 600 per cent over the next 20 years, so forward planning is necessary to ensure appropriate infrastructure is provided to cater for current and future residents. Developing a larger supermarket now will eliminate the need for disruption to supermarket services in the future due to renovation and construction work.

How can I have my say about the extension of Woolworths supermarket?

You can leave your comments on our petition page,  address a letter to PO BOX 373 Ashmore City 4214 , or visit our Facebook page –

Why should locals support the development/ extensions to Coomera East Shopping Centre?

Coomera East Shopping Centre has the potential to create some 474 (direct and indirect) employment opportunities for locals. The proposed 1,000sqm increase in supermarket floor space would account for 171 of these positions (through extended construction contracts and ongoing store maintenance).

The community will also benefit from a having a greater variety of stock to choose from, with Woolworths able to use this additional floor space to display new product lines and enhance the customers’ shopping experience.

The developer is also spending $2 million on upgrading roadworks to improve traffic flow in the area.

Will the extension of the supermarket impact on any existing or future retailers?

No.  The development of Coomera East Shopping Centre and extension of Woolworths Supermarket will not impact on the viability or continued operation of any existing or planned retail centre in the region. Coomera East Shopping Centre is currently the only supermarket-anchored neighbourhood retail precinct in Coomera on the eastern side of the highway. Coomera East Shopping Centre’s main trade area is identified as a 2km ‘local neighbourhood’ footprint. The nearest full-line supermarkets are located some 4 to 5km away from Coomera East Shopping Centre, so there will be minimal infringement on existing trade patterns.